What should I submit as a specimen if I provide e-commerce services instead of producing goods?

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For e-commerce services, it is recommended to submit a screenshot of a webpage and the URL with the date of access. The other possible solution is to print the webpage with the date, but for a more convenient process, it is recommended to send it electronically. It is necessary for the screenshot to show the trademark visibly.

Other options include online advertising showing a direct association between the trademark and the provided services. An invoice including the trademark and clearly showcasing the services for which it was rendered is also considered a specimen.

It is essential for the screenshot to be authentic, and it must be possible to order the products/services through the e-commerce website. The specimen is also unacceptable in case it doesn't show the entire trademark or the exact version that is being registered.

The specimen is only sufficient if you provide the date of access and the URL link to the website. If the specimens are deemed insufficient by the USPTO, it may cause complications in the trademark registration process since the applicant is not able to prove the usage of the brand.

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