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Web domain resolution service

Easy & convenient solution to claim your web domain rights

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Re-gain control of your web presence

  • Evaluation and consultation

    Evaluation and consultation

    from Kč 1,300

    Understand the situation and find the best way forward

  • Cease and desist letter

    Issuing cease & desist letter

    from Kč 13,700

    Less invasive legal action to secure your rights

  • Dispute resolution

    Alternative dispute resolution

    from Kč 37,200

    Full legal action against the counterparty

Web domain resolution explained

When is web domain resolution applicable?

  • A clear violation of a party's trademark registration rights

  • Perceived infringement upon a party's good reputation

  • Cyber-squatting (i.e. purchase of a domain name for the sole purpose of reselling it)

What factors may influence web domain resolution?

  • Trademark registration is a key factor influencing the rights of individual parties

  • Perceived brand infringement & consumer confusion

  • The type of a hosting domain (e.g. .com,, .io)

How it works?

  • Consultation

    Evaluation and consultation

    We ascertain and assess all related information, providing our best advice & recommendation

  • Legal action

    Agreement on taking legal action

    Depending on the situation, the best course of a legal action is recommended and followed

  • Resolving issue

    Resolving the issue

    Whether it is a cease & desist letter or alternative dispute resolution, we are ready to claim your rights

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