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"We want to bring people an opportunity to view crypto in different way - more convenient, more understandable." Read the whole story of Zeeves from the perspective of its CFO and HR Lead, Maria Novitskaya, and learn how Trama protects this inspiring brand on its mission to provide an innovative new neobank, which integrates fiat and crypto exchange into a single application.


Jan Buza

Zeeves, a cutting-edge neobank powered by the Zilliqa blockchain, is revolutionizing digital finance with its innovative approach. This Web3 neobank, operating exclusively in the digital realm, seamlessly integrates traditional fiat and cryptocurrencies within a single platform. Users can effortlessly convert between Zilliqa (ZIL) and Euros, enjoying the convenience of a unified banking experience. Zeeves' mission is to simplify banking, providing a user-friendly interface for individuals and potentially corporations within Europe and the European Economic Area. 

In comparison to your competitors, what are the main factors setting your business apart?


“Our primary goal as a company is to make crypto operations an integral part of the public’s daily routine. In order to fulfil this goal, Zeeves developers are continuously working on development of Zeeves Neobank.”

“Zeeves Neobank is a new way of connecting classic financials with the crypto world. Based on the currently existing Zeeves wallet,  we have elaborated a banking solution with the ability to order a bank card inside our telegram bot and have 2 accounts at once - crypto and fiat.”

“With Zeeves Neobank, we strive to create a user-friendly service that facilitates easy access to crypto and narrows the gap between traditional and crypto banking. We see Zeeves  Neobank as a means to bring regular investors into the crypto world. Comprising traditional and crypto banking features, the neobank will enable to maintain fiat money and crypto tokens under a single platform and exchange them seamlessly”

When did you start thinking about brand protection? And what were the reasons?

“We started considering brand protection for a holding company in the US after many compromised projects showed up. In this case of our subsidiary Zeeves that is working in a crypto banking sphere, the banking partner mentioned that VISA company has a requirement of having a trademark for the collaboration and issuing Visa cards for our users. For that reason, trademark registration became an essential next step.”

What made you stick with Trama throughout the process of trademark registration? 

“We had 2 options in mind. The first was to approach our legal partner from the US. The second was to come to the professionals in this sphere in EU trademark registration where we currently do business. Our banking partner Striga recommended Trama, so we ended up choosing their service. Trama team demonstrated excellent level of professionalism and needed expertise!”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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