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In the competitive landscape of the Fintech and SaaS industries, companies often struggle to establish a strong enough online presence to drive organic traffic to key landing pages. The ever-evolving digital ecosystem demands innovative strategies to not only get in front of target audiences, but to capture their attention against a sea of competitors. Many companies face the challenge of earning coverage from powerful, topically relevant websites within their sector - but it's highly achievable with the right approach. Hive19, a leading digital PR link building specialist and recent client of Trama is an organic traffic powerhouse, helping SaaS & Fintech companies across the globe to reshape organic strategies with a relevancy-first approach to building authority online.


Jan Buza

Can you still recall the early beginnings of your business?

Hive19 started during the first lockdown of 2020, when 4 digital PR link building specialists decided to combine skills and decided to run head first at one of the biggest challenges the global economy had ever seen. With marketing backgrounds and experience both in house and at agencies, we knew that many businesses would be refocusing their online efforts in the face of a pandemic - and targeted the gap in the market for organic traffic services.”

“Aaron, one of the co-founders had managed large digital PR teams in the past and has a solid background in link building, whilst Louisa’s background in computer science and lean process management meant there was scope to build an efficient, high quality agency that brands could rely on.”

“Our goal was simple: to become THE outsourced partner that brands could rely on to deliver organic traffic growth, with minimal input required on their behalf. We niched into fintech & SaaS early on, and developed our presence in other industries where organic search is the main source of lead generation.”

What makes Hive19 so unique?

“Hive19 uses a keyword led strategy to identify the most relevant, high authority publication opportunities to achieve coverage for our clients’ brands. Building topical relevance is the most sustainable approach to link building, and helps to fuel improved organic rankings to drive higher volumes of traffic to landing pages. Each campaign is unique, and built upon the SEO strategy of the client.”

“We developed our website assessment software (trademarked by TramaTM) HiveRank® to accurately and efficiently speed up our research process, and increase productivity. At Hive19 we don’t focus on one single metric to determine how powerful a website, instead using a blended formula taken from the leading third party software in the industry (Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, Screaming Frog and more) along with over 45 manual checks, to determine exactly how useful a link might be. Naturally, assessing over 25,000 websites per month is a huge admin overhead - and that’s why we developed HiveRank®.”

When did you start thinking about brand protection? 

“HiveRank® has been in operation for almost 2 years (as of June 2023), but with the development of our new website and client feedback on the process - we decided to put it centre stage, and offer a peak behind the curtain.”

What were the reasons for putting your trust in the hands of team Trama?

“As an organic traffic and website authority specialist, the first place we looked was obviously Google. TramaTM featured very prominently, and the website explained everything succinctly. I made an enquiry, received almost immediate communications from the team and away we went. It was a very easy decision to make, and a very easy process to follow.”

“I can’t fault the service from TramaTM. We made the enquiry, had excellent customer service and have come out the other end with a trademark for our bespoke software. I knew little of what would be required to trademark something prior to using the service, but now that I know - it won’t be the last time I do. I also wouldn’t have any reservations whatsoever in recommending TramaTM.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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