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Trademark monitoring by Trama

Trademark monitoring offers a continuous protection for your brand, ensuring that its uniqueness remains intact. We strongly advise all our clients to continue the monitoring process, mitigating the risk created by any infringement attempts.

Trademark watch - Monitoring of new trademark applications

Trademark registration protects against both identical and similar trademarks, meaning that after register a trademark, the owner gains the right to raise oppositions against similar trademarks thus preventing any consumer confusion. Continuous monitoring of trademark registers with notifications about potential threats represents the fundamental part of our trademark monitoring service. This form of continuous protection allows owners of registered trademarks to raise oppositions against new trademark applications, preventing any future problems. Power by big data and smart humans, our trademark monitoring service is designed to provide a convenience solution for effective brand protection.

Web domain monitoring

Web domains based on the distinctive element of a registered trademark can also create a level of consumer confusion, undermining the brand reputation and causing lost sales. The protection enabled by trademark registration provides an easy solution for addressing such threats. Web domain monitoring offered by Trama quickly identifies similar domains being registered and thus minimises the threat. Team Trama is of course here for you to help you achieve a quick and convenient resolution in any domain dispute that may arise from this form of monitoring.

Comprehensive monitoring for your brand

In addition to trademark registers and web domains, our most comprehensive package for brand monitoring also covers social media and online marketplaces, ensuring complete protection for your brand. Any infringement attempts are quickly identified and our clients are provided with tailored recommendations on the best course of action.


You can find out more about our trademark monitoring services on our main website.

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